Morgan Territory Brewing


Art Direction, Branding, Packaging


August 8, 2016


Morgan Territory Brewing



Morgan Territory Brewing

The guys at Morgan Territory Brewing are genuine lovers of barley, malt, wheat, and most importantly Hops!

Michael and Dave Lacrosse were looking to build their own brewing site, as well as a state of the art tasting room in Tracy, California. They had the full gamut of branding needs. So, we began one step at a time, providing them a brand that could appeal to their general audience of beer lovers, connoisseurs and fans of simplicity. They required a brand that would not turn away the salt of the earth, but would appeal to the most difficult to please. We provided them with a solid look, some alternate pieces, and a full line of product. Included are a full line of cans, soon to be on the shelves, as well as t-shirts, and a website.